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Amazon Graduate Research Symposium

05 Mar 2019

Excited to present our work on self-training object detectors using hard examples at Amazon! It was an enriching experience to interact with so many smart re...

Paper at CVPR 2019

02 Mar 2019

Our work on domain adapation of object detectors using unlabeled video is accepted at CVPR 2019. It provides a straight-forward way to adapt to novel domain...


Papers at CVPR and ECCV

18 Jul 2018

Second-author paper accepted at CVPR 2018 and a joint first-authored paper at ECCV 2018.


Summer internship at The Mathworks Inc.

04 Jun 2017

I am super-excited to be interning with the Computer Vision System Toolbox team again, after a happy summer in 2014 back in my wet-behind-the-ear days.


Hyding from Jekyll

20 Jul 2016

Jekyll and GitHub pages have definitely given a slick look to webpages, coming from a person who used to fiddle around with DHTML on old blogger templates (a...